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How to Purchase a Visual Gem Original Painting, Decorative or Tole Painting, or piece of Fine Jewelry

Click here to email Velvet Tetrault
or call 623-824-5146
   Paintings and Jewelry can be purchased by contacting the artist by email or phone. Click here to email Velvet Tetrault
Click here to email Velvet Tetrault

of call 623-824-5146
You can also purchase all of my art on My ETSY Store. My ETSY Storefront or
you can buy prints of my original fine art paintings at Buy my art at ImageKind.com.ImageKind

All sales are done via Paypal, which also allows purchases by major credit card. There is a one month return policy if the painting is not as advertised. Buyers are welcome and encouraged to initiate a sufficient number of email communications with the artist to become very familiar with the piece being considered for purchase. This includes, but is not limited to, additional information, such as extra photos and descriptions. Photos can include major closeups for paintbrush stroke information, mid-distance, on a wall or with a person to visualize size, or any other view to help the buyer make a decision. Extra photos for the jewelry can include, but are not restricted to, being modelled on a person.

Most shipping and handling for Fine Art, Tole, and Jewelry will vary depending on the size, weight, and destination of the merchandise. There is a set U.S. shipping and handling price for:

Larger and framed paintings may be anywhere from $35.00 to $95.00 for shipping and handling. Shipping will be FedEx in most cases.

If the shipping is international, there may be additional shipping charges added after purchase when the exact shipping charges to the specified nation have been calculated.

All fine art prints can be purchased on ImageKind. A link to the desired image on ImageKind is displayed on any page that offers an art print of the original painting.

A tax of 7.2% applies to any buyers who are residents of Arizona.

Each item is carefully wrapped and cushioned with bubble wrap. For all canvas paintings and display cases, Edge protectors are included, and the piece is sandwiched between two layers of luan.

All tole items are completely bublewraped and shipped in a no-bend cardboard box stuffed with butcher or newspaper.

All jewelry comes either in its own display case, or in a decorative box, or is wrapped in premium quality wrapping tissue in a separate small cardboard box. This is then bubblewrapped and shipped in a butcher or newspaper filled no-bend cardboard box.

Each item is insured in case of breakage on route. In case of breakage, the buyer will be required to send a photo of the damaged item for insurance purposes. Once the insurance process has begun, the buyer will recieve a refund from the seller or, if the damaged item is reproducable, the buyer and seller may come to an agreement on replacing it.